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i wish i hated you half as much as i hate myself

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.Name- danielle (bleck. i know)
.Birthday/Age- i am 14.. january.18.
.Location- this god-awful place they call 'florida'
.5 bands you like- blink 182 , the starting line, taking back sunday, the used, dashboard confessional.
.Favorite Blink 182 member- i love ALL of blink.
.Favorite Blink 182 song- going away to college <3, and possibly voyuer.. gotta love that bass solo.
.Describe yourself- i am (maybe overly) obsessed with blink.. i even have flyswatter and the mark tom and travis show on c.d. i am a very random, and weird person..music is my life. hmm.. i don't care for the whole 'teeny bopper' 'sellout' bit AT ALL. i absolutly hate it actually. i think people make that kind of stuff up to make themselves look better. sorry to those who are on that ban wagon. hmm.. i guess thats it?..
.Why do you want to join?- because  i think blink 182 kicks it. i and its cool to be around people who agree.
.What do you think about drugs- not in my favour.. but people have to make choices for themselves. though i do think a lot of kids now are doing them because it seem 'cool' which is very un-cool in my opinion..
.Hows your leg feeling?-pretty good! thanks for asking! you're the first to care. :)
.Post some pics of yourself!- okai! no laughing!

bleck.. my tounge is super weird... AH. its sorta scary..

ehhh.. im not much of a looker. or something...

sorry if your eyes burn!


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