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Hey! if you love blink 182 then ... JOIN! this community is mainly focused on blink 182. but it is open to some posts about bands sorda related to blink 182. like bands they went on tour with...or their favorite bands..ya know. stuff like that. you can make icons and post them here if you want to! post pics of the band... tour info... concert pics etc. etc. here are the rules:

[1] when applying, the subject should say something along the lines of "NEW". The application should be behind an lj-cut.
[2] until you are added, only comment on your application.
[3] if you get rejected..please dont hate me and post not nice things =). you can re-apply in 7 days.
[4] if you get accepted...then be sure to follow the rules below!!


[1] post pics behind an lj-cut. if you need help with that just ask me! 1 pic is allowed out of lj-cut as long as its not huge...kay?
[2] be nice! some people may mention a band that you personally don't like. it happens. no bashing them or anything like that.
[3] try not to post random entries that just say "hi" or something.


.5 bands you like-
.Favorite Blink 182 member-
.Favorite Blink 182 song-
.Describe yourself-
.Why do you want to join?-
.What do you think about drugs-
.Hows your leg feeling?-
.Post some pics of yourself!-

thats it!!! every member may vote.. although i may be making the final decision... but i'm nice :) lol. enjoy!