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.Name- Addison Heerow
.Birthday/Age- 12/31/87 - 16
.Location- Palmer, Alaska
.5 Bands- Amour For Sleep, The Early November, Kut U Up
.Favorite Blink 182 Member- Thomas DeLonge
.Favorite Blink 182 Song- Lemmings and/or Strings
.Describe Yourself- How does one exactally describe themselves without giving too much away? Oops, already did.
.Why Do You Want to Join?- Blink182 = <3
.How Do You Feel About Drugs?- Meh, things are a whole lot better without them.
.Hows Your Leg Feeling?- It's been giving me hell latelly, too much skateboarding.


I went and saw Blink-182/No Doubt in Sacramento not too long ago, heres some teaser pics for anyone who wants to see.

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